Gain a Sustainable Competitive Edge- PreludeSys Medical Record Review and Analysis Service

About the client

The client is the industry’s most trusted resource for information, intelligence, and insight in evidence discovery, retrieval, review, presentation, transmission, and archival all in a secure, flexible (and HIPPA-compliant) cloud-based ecosystem.

Client requirement

The client primarily deals with attorneys working on Worker’s Compensation cases. The client was involved in a medical records delivery process that included scanning, archiving and retrieval of huge amount of data. This threw up quite a few database challenges. These included –

  • Storing and archiving of applicant records and data
  • Retrieval of specific data based on date or applicant or provider

They wanted to reduce their operational expense while at the same time provide a value added service that would offer them a substantial competitive edge.


PreludeSys domain experts stepped in to determine the existing process. After assessing their business processes and the consumption of data by their end customers, PreludeSys understood that the records were collated in a random order and it was a big challenge for the attorneys to sift through all the medical data to capture the specific data they required. PreludeSys advised the client to summarize the records and sort the records in an organized manner to make the life of their end users easy. PreludeSys offered to do this at their offshore facility dedicated for the client.

The team adopted a highly-structured transition methodology that included planning, program management, agent training, technology implementation and quality system oversight. To do this, PreludeSys approached the challenges in two categories:

  • Creating a team to review and summarize the Medical Records
  • Creating a methodology for sorting, storing and retrieving a variety of records.

A team of trained medical/paramedical/science graduates read each medical record and created a “Review of Records” which accurately summarized the medical records while maintaining accuracy of data. Being aware that the size and efficiency of the data storage was integral to the customer’s needs, the software team developed a customized program in XML that facilitated sorting and indexing of the medical records under specific categories. The program combined the multiple categorizations and subcategorizations of the entered medical records, allowing PreludeSys to streamline data access and analysis. The program allows for instant retrieval of data based on time date, provider or category.

  • The summarization of records proved to be an instant success as it reduced the volume burden for the end users by 90%
  • The client experienced a considerable increase in market share to become the market leader in the state
  • Offshoring of the review process reduced the cost of operations by 70%
  • Presence of a dedicated and scalable team of offshore reviewers enabled the client to ramp up productions as required in the face of increasing demand