Leading e-discovery and litigation support provider reduces its review costs by 40% by deduplicating medical records

About the client

The client is a leading e-discovery and litigation support provider based out of California.

Client requirement

The challenges faced by the client:

  • Too many unwanted pages in medical records​
  • Too many pages to peruse before they get to critical information​
  • Cost of review per page was high​
  • High volume of records increased turnaround time (TAT)​.
  • PreludeSys provided a hybrid solution leveraging automated AI/ML systems and experienced reviewers to tag, sort, and remove duplicate pages of medical records.
  • All duplicate, unorganized, incomplete, and irrelevant information were removed, retaining only the critical medical information
  • De-duplicated, indexed, and reviewed medical records enabled users to retrieve critical data with ease
  • This helped in 40% cost reduction
  • Decreased turnaround time by 25%.