Design and develop an enterprise mobility solution to generate reports and deliver the reports to iPhone and iPad devices using cloud-based services

About the client

The client is the world’s largest music content company with market-leading positions in recorded music, music publishing, and merchandising. With presence across the globe, the client is the largest of the “BIG 4” recording companies with its leading market share and a multitude of global operations.

Client requirement

The client’s need was to build a robust and scalable Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting solution for their music mart data ware-house. The client expected a solution that combined Cloud services & Enterprise Mobility solutions on their mobile devices.


PreludeSys’ solution was the combination of Cloud services and enterprise mobile implemented on iPhones & iPads. The solution was constructed in 3 parts:

Data sync utility: An automated data synchronizing utility that refreshes the data in the Reporting App database on a daily basis from iTunes daily reports data dump posted at the client’s site.

Web application to register the new users: New users can register through the web application. Registered user details will be sent to the administrator for approval. Once approved, OTA link of the application will be sent to the user. Clicking the link will download and deploy the reporting application in the user’s device (iPhone/iPad).

Mobile app to look at the day to day reports: The Mobile app will provide the sales information and ranking information of music, video, album, etc. Weekly sales data comparison will be displayed in the graph format (only in iPad version). The Reporting App built using Enterprise Mobility framework is compliant with the Apple Developer Program guidelines for the development of mobile applications. The Reporting App will only be available via an Enterprise App Store of the client. This store is a repository for applications developed for Apple devices and hosted by companies for their own use, as opposed to the consumer-focused Apple App Store. The Reporting App will not be marketed by Consultant on the Apple App Store.

  • Real-time accessibility & decision making based on reports generated on mobile devices
  • Better user experience in the visuals of the reports
  • Real-time Scheduled Notification as update happens