Customer is a leading automotive dealer in the California and Arizona states

About the client

Customer is a leading automotive dealer in the California and Arizona states. The customer also has ventured into insurance business offering auto, home and renters insurance to its loyal customers

Client requirement

Over a period of two decades the customer has organically built applications to automate and support its services. Some of the applications were built on more than a decade old technologies and was causing maintenance and support challenges. Customer was fighting a tough automotive market to retain and grow its customer base. The legacy technologies were not supporting the business requirements which were primarily focused on customer services, loyalty and experience


PreludeSys collaborated effectively with the customer to understand the business problems including their IT budgets and engaged with the customer to provide an incremental customer value by rapidly building solutions for services wherever there is customer touch points. PreludeSys gradually modernized the legacy applications over a period of 12 months. The modernized applications were cost effectively maintained and supported through our services model.

  • Customer was able to launch loyalty and warranty programs successfully
  • Drive customers to use its online services
  • Key legacy applications were modernized
  • Cost savings through pay as-you-usemodel
  • Shorter time to go to market