Application Migration to AWS

About the client

A leading manufacturing company in the US Midwest region, which specializes in the manufacture of close tolerance, critically machined components, subassemblies and assemblies.

Client requirement

The Customer had on-premise proprietary applications and their uptime was an issue. With sporadic outages, it impacted their business users. Their internal team was short on the required expertise to support their infrastructure. In addition to this, their IT budgets were under strain as the CapEx and OpEx were increasing on account of purchase of new servers, backup and allied miscellaneous expenses related to maintenance.


The customer signed up for PreludeSys’ services and got access to the expertise which helped them to chart out a plan and also helped them in its implementation and maintenance. PreludeSys’ technical team after getting a holistic understanding of the Customer’s landscape, suggested that the company move their application to AWS, with reserved instance option as their traffic was steady and predictable. The team also managed the initial migration protocols from setting up the company’s account with AWS to purchasing reserved instance, and migration of the application to AWS.


PreludeSys enabled the customer to reduce their OpEx of managing their infrastructure by 30%. By moving the application to AWS, Availability of the application increased to 99.5% from around 90%.