An insurance monitoring company leverages PreludeSys’s domain knowledge in Business outsourcing and offshoring to digitize their insurance certificates

About the client

Client is an insurance certificate holder who monitors and provides specialized services related to Certificates of Insurance for property and automobiles

Client requirement

Our client monitors and manages the Certificates of Insurance (COI) of all their clients, who are either in the cargo transport business or in real estate. As an industry leader in this service with a vast client base, our client handles 1000s of COIs on a daily basis. With multiple coverages in each COI, the data covered is so huge that manual monitoring of data was a hug challenge. Digitization is the only way such data can be easily accessed and managed, but the cost of running an in-house data entry team was so huge that client was exploring a reliable and cost effective alternative.


PreludeSys domain experts stepped in to understand the specific requirements of the client. All the data in a typical COI including date of policy, business owner, coverages, underwriters, limits, categories, deductibles, etc. had to be accurately transferred to a custom application. Once the team understood the specifications, they set about building the offshore team and transitioned the knowledge to the offshore team. The offshore team ramped up as per the agreed plan and the client was digitize the data from new COIs as well as update the data from COIs that are renewed.

  • Digitization of data to enable automation
  • Ease of access to the entire database of COIs
  • A dedicated team of offshore resources for cost effectiveness
  • A convenient overnight schedule of 12-24 hours turnaround time