A manufacturing firm leverages the Boomi AtomSphere platform to streamline it’s business process

About the client

Our client is a reputed manufacturing firm that deals with high-volume supplies daily. Its operations are dependent on trading partners, and different stakeholders contribute to the finished product.

Client requirement

Our client faced the below challenges:

  • Issues in point-point integration channels, which required high maintenance.
  • Lack of scalability, due to their conventional model which hampered their productivity.
  • Information transfer was inaccurate since it was still using traditional integration techniques such as SFTP for SaaS applications.
  • Reinforcing their compliance and secure access management controls.

Our experts after careful observation enabled the integration of multiple disparate systems using the Boomi AtomSphere platform. As a result, they implement these following activities:

  • Utilized the Boomi platform to create a robust, reusable integration framework.
  • It alleviated multiple manual processes into a simplistic automated solution that is easy to maintain and understand.
  • It enhanced scalability and failover support.
  • Common reusable error handling & audit framework
  • Streamlined workflow across all the systems
  • Decreased error and reduction of manual processes
  • Real-time updates to downstream systems
  • Simplified error-handling tasks

Boomi, SAP