A Leading Virtual Assistant Provider Leveraged Our Functional Testing Services To Test The Virtual Assistant’s Functionality & Compatibility

About the client

Leading virtual assistant provider that enables companies to increase online customer engagement, drive conversion & improve online self-service.

Client requirement
  • Advancing online experience with next-gen virtual assistants.
  • Managing all aspects of sales and service experience.
  • Improving website conversion rates and providing guided online customer service.
  • Enhancing data capture, brand promotion, and making animated characters accessible to any organization.
  • Functionally tested Studio and Web Suite for compatibility.
  • Tested with various website types, RIAs, SOA, and BPM applications.
  • Tested media with different audio codecs and bitrates.
  • Automated testing using Test Complete and Selenium.
  • Ensured compatibility across diverse platforms and applications.
  • Verified seamless integration with various types of media.
  • Streamlined regression testing through automation.
  • Improved reliability and performance of the Studio and Web Suite.

PHP, Zend, MySQL, Selenium Webdriver