A highly regarded occupier’s service company in the US used our Lease Administration Service to manage numerous properties

About the client

The client is a highly regarded occupier services company in the United States and a leading International Property Consultant (IPC).

Client requirement
  • The client needed assistance to manage a growing number of properties, which required comprehensive end-to-end lease administration services.
  • The client required an exclusive team to manage their occupier client’s leases.
  • They needed to take care of post-abstraction reviews and NNN charges Audits, which involved complex calculations to determine true up or true down values in order to update the respective databases.
  • They needed to handle invoice entries and other accounting tasks, which demanded significant time and attention to detail.
  • An exclusive lease administration team was assembled to conduct post-abstraction reviews and audit NNN charges.
  • Updated the true up or true down value in the respective databases based on calculations.
  • Our team of experts handled invoice entries and other accounting tasks.
  • Our team worked both in EST and overlapping time zones for effective communication with the client’s team.
  • The client was able to manage more properties and expanded their exclusive lease admin team from five to ten members within a span of six months.
  • Our lease administrators worked in both EST and overlapping time zones. This arrangement significantly improved communication with the client’s team.