A cloud data warehouse for real estate tax services

About the client

The client offers experienced and reliable tax tracking services with nationwide capabilities. In addition, their comprehensive approach to flood determination provides their customers with unparalleled expertise in this often-complex arena.

Client requirement
  • The lack of centralization caused multiple teams to independently search for duplicate information, which was a huge drain on resources.
  • Multiple legacy instances such as SSIS packages and Excel datasets were present on the on-premises SQL Server.
  • Additionally, not all manually sourced information was added to the database.
  • The client aimed to bring the data collection system into modern times, allowing for more efficient data capture and central storage.
  • PreludeSys developed and implemented a Centralized Data Acquisition (CDA) hub to enable the efficient flow of tax information on Azure.
  • We migrated the SSIS packages and Excel datasets into the cloud SQL Server and rationalized the system.
  • An array of extendable frameworks allowed for adaptability, while custom scripts formatted data from external sources into the cloud SQL Server.
  • In addition, we constructed optimized ADF pipelines and workflows that shifted logic toward an application layer, thereby reducing overall maintenance costs.
  • Quick and easy data acquisition for tax tracking from a variety of sources.
  • Fast implementation and delivery due to custom scripts and optimized workflows.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to the flexibility of the CDA platform.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through faster, more efficient data tracking.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing operational workloads with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft .Net, Angular, Azure Data Factory, Power BI , Azure SQL Server