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Boomi as a Platform for Application and Data Integration

27 April 2022

Productivity has been a key goal for companies for ages; it is not a new concept. However, as technology moves and changes and disruption becomes the norm, companies need to seek new process and apply new methods to sustain their productivity. This is especially true today in the era of connectivity, high powered computing, and well-informed, savvy customers.

The larger the organization, the greater the sprawl of applications and the platforms on which they operate. In this tangled environment, to become more productive organizations must use multifunctional integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) solutions to manage organizational activities. However, with so many possibilities available, finding the ideal multifunctional iPaaS is a herculean endeavor. Boomi is an excellent option because of its intelligent networking and integration solutions, which enable scalability and business agility by connecting the digital data dots. It helps businesses succeed by providing robust integration and connection solutions.

The integration services provided by Boomi are built on a multi-tenant architecture. It enables faster and more flexible integration solutions to support your present hybrid IT architecture, which may include cloud, SaaS, and on-premise technologies. Businesses of all sizes use Boomi to fundamentally revolutionize their company processes via the connections and use of data sources. Boomi increases your capacity to integrate every piece of your related company to provide a comprehensive, cloud-native PaaS.

Boomi as both an Application Integration Platform and Data Integration Platform

The AtomSphere platform is accessed via a browser and features an impressive range of integration and platform extension capabilities. It is built on a single-instance, multi-tenant architecture that enables secure sharing of underlying physical computing resources among multiple tenants or customer organizations. Boomi can integrate various system elements, including cloud and on-premises application integration, data integration, and web services integration. It is capable of planned, as well as real-time integration. It scales to satisfy the high-volume requirements of mobile, data integration, and EDI settings.

Boomi’s Key Advantages

1. Enhancement of Productivity

Boomi promotes increased productivity because of its smooth integration. The platform has pre-configured connectors that provide simple integration. The platform’s extensive connection library includes ERP, CRM, and other systems connectors. Boomi has 200 default connectors—to directly connect its own as well as an array of other applications—which drive state-of-the-art connectivity, making it an exemplary application integration platform.

2. Decreased Time for Development

Boomi’s low coding profile is one of its main advantages. It requires minimal to no code since it uses pre-built integration components. Users may use the ‘drag and drop’ mapping tool to establish integrations to apply recyclable components. Boomi integrations may be developed without any code: saving time and resources. This is one of the primary reasons Boomi has established a stellar reputation.

3. Extensive Development

Boomi enables developers to construct various apps, from basic to complicated, and Boomi Flow provides a wide variety of functionalities through its API. Developers can apply APIs seamlessly to create both simple and complex solutions. The ability of developers to easily produce complex solutions using Boomi is also related to its access to Git repositories and the larger API ecosystem. That way, they can integrate a large variety of endpoints and manipulate data at will.

4. A Distributed Architecture

Boomi’s architectural compatibility is exceptional. Users can easily integrate applications to any architecture with Boomi, which means that users can integrate applications across all environments, from on-premises to multi-cloud. Boomi’s distributed architecture assures low inactivity and high performance.

Another tool that contributes to the success of Boomi—a patented feature—is Atom, which manages the administration of business operations. Atom does this by communicating integration activity and introducing connectivity to the platform. Atom shares integration activity to ensure unified monitoring and routine evaluation of process change. It includes all the components (connectors, transformation rules, business process logic) required to implement any business procedure. Users of Boomi deploy the integration process after building integrations.

5. Scalability

When organizations apply several applications, their primary concern is scalability. Boomi modifies applications directly by empowering users with custom scalability. It is suitable for simple and complex solutions, too. As organizations grow, their needs are more than adequately covered by the iPaaS platform. The platform provides fast integration that ensures scalability and optimal productivity.


Currently, Boomi is the favorite iPaaS vendor and a global leader in the cloud integration environment. Boomi is the ideal choice if you want to use an application integration platform, as it provides you a highly competitive edge in the present digital market. Apply it to catapult your business productivity to greater heights.

To ensure that the enterprise integration capabilities of Boomi yields you the optimal benefits, you need to procure the help of an integration provider with specific expertise and significant years of experience with Boomi technology. Preludesys is an expert Boomi Integration provider that has helped numerous organizations reduce their integration challenges via the Boomi iPaaS platform. Our Boomi integration experts help you seamlessly integrate systems and applications across your hybrid IT environment.

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