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Boomi: The perfect integration platform for your business

18 June 2021

Digital transformation seems inevitable for contemporary businesses functioning in a market that is driven by data. But, unfortunately, businesses are starting to lose control as their complexities increase and outsource modernization work.

Boomi empowers enterprise users to take control through its user-centric cloud integrations.

Organizations of all sizes are turning to Boomi to transform their operations. To put it briefly, the Boomi integration platform provides a unified view of data management with its robust automation solutions.

Boomi platform features and benefits

Boomi offers core game-changing features, including application & data integration, B2B/EDI management, a master data hub, API design & management, and app development, including workflow automation. Boomi technology offers an excellent platform for connecting all applications and data sources across the hybrid IT landscape, allowing developers to unlock data silos and achieve penetrative integration.

Your organization can make reliable data-driven decisions with the help of enriched and synchronized data that the master data hub facilitates. In addition, developers can reveal and modernize underlying data API’s with the new API design and management feature.

The management feature that B2B/EDI provides will allow your trading partners to extend your business operations even further.

Boomi application integration also offers users a 360-degree view while simultaneously tapping into the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The impact of Boomi: Statistics

Forrester conducted some research on the client of the iPaaS platform and came up with the following results.

  • Increased staff productivity by 70%
  • Gathered $3.4mn in incremental revenue
  • Saved $1.5mn in infrastructure and cost management for businesses
  • Saved over $1.1mn by eliminating license fees that businesses had to pay to earlier integration solutions
  • Reduced development times by 70%
  • Saved over $1.1mn that business used to spend on legacy software

How Boomi can positively impact your business

Boomi’s application integration includes pre-built templates and connectors to reduce the development time, increase performance, and cut down on time to market. Business can scale quickly as Boomi is being built on the cloud.

All integrations are available in a single space for upcoming businesses that need to connect to multiple systems. Boomi technology offers a cloud-based solution with operational intelligence that enables users to monitor integrations without placing constrictions on the location.

Not only does Boomi provide real-time data to users across any combination of cloud-based or on-premise systems, but it also allows users to move data securely in all formats.

  • A new way of data management

Data plays a pivotal role in emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. Various underlying patterns and user behaviors are discovered when data from multiple channels are analyzed, which helps drive effective business decisions.

The master data hub by Boomi presents a scalable cloud empowering businesses to have an integrated view of the framework, giving rise to security and strategic data operations.

The accessibility provided to explore innovative and associate business applications plays an essential role in handling data silos and scale-up operational efficiencies.

  • Top of the line cloud solutions

Emerging businesses can intelligently manage their IT infrastructure since the cloud solutions offered by Boomi offer multi-purpose iPaaS platforms where data is bound between different applications, people, and enterprise systems. Boomi cloud solutions offer different modules such as MDM, Atmosphere, API functionalities. In addition, the custom code scripting software allows users to develop customized cloud solutions as per their requirements, saving your business time and human resources.

  • Personalized API blueprint

A robust API strategy has the potential to enable complex enterprise systems to communicate with data sets with enhanced security and a better perspective to the approach. With the API tool kit offered by Boomi, developers can develop, publish and manage their APIs with the least amount of coding efforts. Your organization doesn’t need to replace its legacy systems to have seamless communication.

  • Simplifies processes to integrate and connect

Whether it’s a cloud or an on-premise infrastructure for application services, the Boomi technology offers a wide variety of connectors to integrate any application, ensuring a smooth workflow. An integration platform of this capacity empowers businesses to integrate their systems with Salesforce, Azure, and other software.

Boomi is one of the reliable and efficient platforms on the market. However, choosing an integration platform will only get you halfway. As a certified Boomi partner, PreludeSys can help you use the technology effectively as we make your integration process quick and seamless.

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