Boomi Retail 360: Disrupting the Digital Domain for Retailers

1 June 2022

Retailers know the importance of technology and how integral it is to their everyday business operations. They can spot trends, manage the supply chain, and serve customers better. Even retail enterprises with tight budgets and low margins can achieve more with applied technology. A recent report from Forbes found that 82% of the customers will research a product online before visiting a store. But with increased surge of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in retail applications the commitment to serve every customer with personal care has its challenges. EDI Retail underscores how technology becomes relevant to retailers even more than before.

Boomi is one of the leading iPaaS service providers. They have introduced a complete solution for retailers called Retail 360 that allows retailers to harness the data and deliver distinguished and memorable customer journeys. So how efficient is the Boomi Supply Chain solution? Can it potentially be a game-changer? The following explores more about Boomi Retail 360 and how it transforms everyday retail activities.

Gain better insights

Navigating the vast information landscape is time consuming and often frustrating for retailers. Using Boomi, enterprises can receive valuable insights about their customer behavior. The marketing and the sales teams can work more closely on the strategic activities to acquire and retain customers. Boomi also empowers the IT team to maintain clean data and a secure single source for storing customer information.

Smart data-driven business

Most retail businesses lack access to quality data, which hampers their opportunity to understand the customer’s needs. Boom’s Retail 360 improves the retailers’ decision-making process by collecting, aggregating, and analyzing multi-channel data derived from different platforms. Today’s customers are fully connected to the digital environment and look for a highly personalized experience across every channel. Boomi’s platform is customizable and allows customers to quickly find more information to support their purchase decision.

Intuitive customer experience

Enrich your customer experience by linking multi-channel orders and customer records to gain a single view of your marketing and support activities. With its 360-degree customer view, you can match the customer’s expectations by examining their purchasing behavior, personal preferences, and sentiments to deliver an exceptional tailor-made experience that will motivate customers to make the purchase.

Improves your inventory management

Managing inventory is a regular exercise for every retailer, but it comes with real-time execution challenges. Boomi supply chain drives real-time inventory data across all the physical and e-commerce stores to influence online purchasing and help store associates manage their inventory. In addition to proactive inventory management, you gain visibility that will enhance demand-supply planning and streamline replenishment.

Streamline B2B transactions

Retail outlets experience peak traffic during holidays and periods. Even if anticipated this surge in demand can overload systems and people. Boomi Retail helps manage EDI transactions to automate supplier interactions, which will help cut down on time and expense as you deal with suppliers. As you streamline operations you ensure that your enterprise can meet the EDI requirements, including the ability to expand your relationship with more significant online partners.

Create an Omnichannel experience

Data and application integration have been, and will continue to be two of the retailer’s pressing challenges. Boomi’s unified platform is low code and cloud-based that allows quick, flexible connections with any system, from e-commerce storefronts and physical point-of-sale systems to customer support applications and other supporting ERP platforms. This streamlines the entire process and removes operational barriers. What you get is complete visibility of your employee-customer relationships.

Instant order fulfilment

Boomi Retail 360 allows retailers to connect their data and applications to create personalized user experiences. Enterprises can harness the right data to boost interoperability across inventory, warehousing, order processing, barcode scanning, and logistics. This streamlined process helps fulfil orders faster and eliminates manual work as it automates the order fulfilment cycle.  

Boomi Retail 360 overview:

  • Streamlines omnichannel retail environment (e-commerce, POS, inventory, databases)
  • Unites marketing activities, inventory, promotions, pricing and customer record
  • Delivers application data faster
  • Automates operations and reduces the cost

Reimagine retail operations: use Boomi Retail 360 with Boomi Flow

Retailers can rejuvenate their stagnant workflow by combining Retail 360 with Boomi Flow for automating various functions. With this dynamic combination, retailers can:

  • Perform real-time analytics on orders and customers
  • Visualize data that is moving in and out of the multiple systems quickly
  • Aggregate all your retail operations to access them from one spot
  • Make quick decisions on the extracted data as it moves between systems  

Partner with a proven Boomi Consultant

Because Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform, it is easy to consolidate your applications and data without the need for custom coding. Even so, integrating your systems and applications can be a challenge without the right partner. Do you want to improve your customer’s journey through improved, low-code development? Start the process with the best advice from our experienced Boomi Consultants.

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