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Top 5 Significant Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Boomi For Your Business.

19 February 2020

In this highly tech-driven and digitally transformed era, applications are the key to workflow automations, process efficiency and ultimately superior productivity. Starting from core enterprise applications like ERPs and CRMs to a wide variety of support applications for accounting, payroll, billing, procurement, etc., applications take care of easing out and automating the workflow processes. With the advent of Cloud and readily available SaaS products, the situation just gets more and more complicated as on-premise applications and cloud-native applications vie with each other for a space in every organization’s technological ecosystem. With these applications working independently, data from one application has to be manually imported to another application. This usually leads to inefficiency and data inaccuracy. So, what is the solution?

The ultimate solution would be an integration platform that can seamlessly connect any 2 or more applications irrespective of the technology or if it is an on-premise or a cloud solution. As a leading Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), Boomi fits the bill perfectly. As a cloud-based iPaaS solution, Boomi has benefited many businesses to break down data silos, improve connectivity, visibility, flexibility, scalability, and ultimately optimize business processes. With the most prominent features of intelligent connectivity and integration solutions, Boomi’s multi-purpose Integration Platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) can help you streamline your business operations. Let us check out the top 5 most significant reasons why you should consider using Boomi for your business.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Boomi:

1. Connectivity Solutions

In today’s technology realm, connectivity plays an essential role in business growth. Boomi, with its strong API strategy, drives new-age connectivity solutions to solve any crucial challenges in connectivity. It is a unified, extremely productive, and hybrid integration solution that enables applications to create a network of apps, data, and devices with API-led connectivity.

The broad set of pre-built connectors not only enables integration between any combinations of applications but also makes it quicker as well as simpler to integrate without any software or coding. Boomi iPaaS offers a flexible architecture that suits your business needs. It lets you easily connect with any applications or business system on-premises or in the cloud, modify application networks with robust tools, standard- APIs, connectors, and reusable code blocks.

2. Data Management

We know Data is a crucial asset for us irrespective of the industry or the size of the company. Governance of this primary asset adds up another critical layer for the management to take care of. However, Boomi can help you with quick real-time synchronization, consolidation, and governance of data across applications. Boomi platform provides a unified view of data management, which enables businesses to project a transparent view of the entire data across applications without an external application.

Boomi platform, through its Master Data Hub (a native cloud solution), can provide –

  • Enhanced data transparency
  • Improved data quality
  • Real-Time, bi-directional data flow
  • Data governance
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Improved decision making

3. Integrate and Connect with Ease

Boomi enables the integration of any combination by providing powerful API strategies, connectors, and data mapping tools for customized integration. Boomi not only offers you a huge list of connectors to integrate apps but also is scalable to your business needs and ensures flexible deployment. It can eliminate the chaos of integration tools and accelerate the speed of business, improve IT efficiencies, and act as a very strong digital transformation initiative. The Boomi integration platform facilitates various application integration and allows you to extend enterprise service management capabilities.

4. Full Stack Security

Boomi AtomSphere iPaaS has gone through stringent certification processes to meet the security standards of partners like Salesforce, NetSuite, etc. Also, Boomi is SAS70 Type II compliant as per the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. With the Boomi Atom, you can get online access to the integration and data management to view the status, track the information, and check for the integration process updates.

Boomi AtomSphere platform comes with a three-tier, full-stack security framework offering –

  • Network and facilities infrastructure
  • Application & platform layer
  • Data level

5. Tailored API Strategy

Boomi offers a full-bodied API lifecycle and comes with an API toolkit that can help developers to simplify their work. The API strategy of the Boomi Platform enables us to develop, publish, and manage their APIs with less coding. The secure and robust API strategy of the Boomi Platform allows different enterprise systems to integrate the data in the various databases seamlessly. Boomi’s API platform can provide you with powerful strategies, connectors, and data mapping tools for robust integration without entirely replacing your legacy applications or systems. The Boomi Platform Boomi, with its API strategy, can successfully foster a successful digital transformation to your organization.

Choosing the Right Solution!!

Many businesses have benefited dramatically from the use of a combination of cloud applications as well as on-premises systems. However, the problem for modern companies is the struggle to find the right integration solution. Choosing a suitable iPaaS provider is key to successfully adopting cloud technologies for your business. If you want to know more about Boomi, Talk to our Experts

PreludeSys is a Certified Boomi Implementation Partner specialized in enterprise-grade solutions for a variety of integration needs.

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