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Boomi AtomSphere – a single instance, multi tenant cloud integration platform

25 March 2020

With the increasing complexity of hybrid IT environments and the proliferation of applications, integration has become a necessity for all of us. For any company that is planning to integrate its systems, applications, and data, selecting a suitable integration platform is an important strategic business decision. Boomi AtomSphere is considered to be the best in the market integration platform by many companies that are already integrating their cloud applications. Boomi AtomShere being a single instance, a multi-tenant cloud integration platform that can let you seamlessly connect your cloud as well as an on-premise application. Boomi AtomSphere is the low-code and 100% cloud-native platform, which can assist you in connecting applications efficiently.

How does Boomi AtomSphere work?

Boomi AtomSphere is a cloud-based software platform used to integrate various software applications, helps you to design a cloud-based integration process called Atoms, which enables you to transfer data between your on-premise application and cloud. The Boomi AtomSphere allows you to connect any combination of Cloud, SaaS, or on-premises applications without coding. This approach is configuration-based integration rather being a code-based integration. Boomi AtomSphere integration process is classified into three phases –

Build Phase: The initial phase where you can design and start implementing the integration process.

Deploy Phase: Deployment of the integration process to Boomi Atom. In this phase, Boomi AtomSphere supports two types of deployment – Cloud Deployment and On-premise Deployment

Manage Phase: This is the last phase wherein your operations team can monitor and manage the integration process using a web-based dashboard.

Benefits of Boomi AtomSphere

Flexibility in integration: Boomi AtomSphere can help you seamlessly integrate multiple SaaS applications hosted in the public or private cloud with any combination. Boomi AtomSphere is designed to ensure high availability and performance with the flexibility to use the AtomSphere, MDM, or API Management functionalities in any combination at any time.

Enterprise-grade Performance: Boomi AtomSphere ensures scalability, high availability, and performance with no single point of failure. This intuitive interface delivers enterprise-class integration capabilities. Developing web services or implementing a service-oriented architecture, and all are handled through a simple visual interface.

Ease of use: The drag-and-drop mapping tools in the UI of Boomi AtomSphere, the broad set of connectors for available integration in the platform, enables you to build simple to sophisticated integrations quickly between any combinations of applications without the need for coding.

Faster time to value: Boomi AtomSphere is designed with intelligence features that can significantly speed up the data mapping and resolution of any error. With the best practices across their user base, the centralized management and monitoring tools increase efficiency and simplify reporting and audit trails.

Choosing a suitable iPaaS provider

Boomi integration platform becomes the best choice for many organizations that are looking out for an integration partner because of the various sophisticated benefits and features of the Boomi AtomSphere. PreludeSys is a Certified Boomi Implementation Partner specialized in enterprise-grade solutions for a variety of integration needs. If you want to know more about Boomi AtomSphere, Book a consultation appointment today with our experts.


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