Boomi Advanced API and Gateway Management

7 April 2022

The current business landscape is diversifying rapidly, and business enterprises need to evolve and adapt to go head-to-head with their competitors. At this crucial evolutionary juncture, enterprises must stay connected to maintain smooth operations. Unfortunately, obstacles such as the sudden pandemic hindered the workflow of organizations that failed to upgrade; a consequence of failing to modernize their functions and applications. In uncertain times, organizations need a stable, highly secure platform that performs beyond expectations. Only a few platforms fit the bill in terms of reliability. Of these, the Boomi AtomSphere platform stands out due to its supreme API capabilities that have raised the bar in the iPaaS market.

The following highlights the Boomi platform features and how it distinguishes itself from the other platforms in the market:

  • A unified platform to transform the Digital Ecosystem 

Boomi delivers real, actionable insights about how a customer’s business operates day-to-day. In addition, Boomi’s technology can deliver a higher order of insights around categorizing data that customers are transacting. Its advanced API management allows businesses to take advantage of their data while securely engaging their departments, partners, and customers.

  • Improve data quality through a Powerful API strategy 

We live in a data-driven world, and enterprises must adopt practices that do not hamper data quality. This is one of the reasons why API integration has become so prevalent. Boomi understands the significance of data quality, hence they have focussed on ways that enhance the enterprises’ ability to seamlessly manage its data, without compromising data quality. The Boomi iPaaS platform comes with a powerful API strategy—a complete API lifecycle allowing developers to develop, publish, and manage their APIs.

  • A unique self-service approach 

The Boomi API developer portal allows developers to self-register, self-administer applications, and approve the use of APIs. Another intriguing aspect of the Boomi API platform is its connectors and data mapping tools that provide quick and reliable integration without replacing legacy applications.  

The Boomi API Gateway acts as a governance mechanism and sits on top of the Boomi Atom runtime distribution technology. This feature governs external APIs and internal microservices that require protection. It also allows the setting up of permissions and advanced controls.

But why do enterprises require API management?

Typically, an API integration platform helps in API design, deployment, and maintenance. Every API management tool offers documentation, security, sandbox environment, backward compatibility, high availability, which is essential for modern enterprises. In addition, API management platforms also provide usage reporting. These are the standard set of tools.

However, a few API management platforms, such as Boomi, go further to provide a developer portal where the developers can obtain or share the APIs, which will help build some applications.  

Full API lifecycle management for increased scalability

Boomi API management empowers customers to use the data and processes within a broader ecosystem that is inclusive of business partners and customers. Boomi’s three key functionalities are:

1. API proxy

2. Developer Portal

3. API gateway

These three functions help Boomi maintain the entire API lifecycle. As a result, Boomi can offer companies advanced security and scalability to leverage their data and drive more successful results in the API economy.

Boomi API Management provides the following Business benefits:

  • Increased security 

Boomi API Gateway establishes an advanced governance mechanism for executing APIs while offering the essential layer to scale. Furthermore, since the gateway rides on top of the Boomi Atom runtime distribution technology, it is ideal for governing external APIs and microservices that require governance and protection either on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Seamless integration to third party data and APIs

The Boomi API Proxy utilizes Boomi as a centralized mechanism for all APIs and services created within or outside of Boomi. Using API Proxy, customers can include third-party data and third-party APIs. In addition, Boomi’s API Proxy gives an essential tool to the customer for to easily manage their multi-cloud deployments using the lightweight Boomi runtime infrastructure.

  • Quicker time to market

The latest Boomi API developer portal provides self-service options that drastically reduce the time to achieve positive business outcomes. It also facilitates customer engagement through the discoverability of available services.

  • Manage and govern data access with ease

Boomi demonstrates consistent and secure API deployments. Additionally, it manages the data quality and restricts data access on-premise or in the cloud.  

Most modern applications—especially those related to mobile computing and social media—thrive on APIs. Since a host of companies create APIs for third-party consumption, API creation, governance, and management have become extremely crucial. With Boomi’s advanced API management, businesses can easily make relevant data available to all stakeholders. Learn why Boomi is the perfect integration platform here.  

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