Benefits of Choosing Azure Lift and Shift Migration Model

1 December 2021

The world of business has seen remarkable transformation through digital solutions. It enables enterprises to lower costs and optimize operations like never before. One of these—cloud migration—is a premier example of a technology that is no longer a luxury for enterprises but rather a necessity. Cloud-based solutions have transformed and matured significantly over the years and are no longer limited to simple compute, network, and storage solutions.

One of the most significant advantages of modern cloud-based solutions is their ability to transform existing services. Compared to alternatives, Azure lift and shift is arguably the most cost-effective and widely chosen option to help enterprises migrate quickly.

So what is Azure lift and shift, and what are the reasons for its success and adoption?

Azure lift and shift—an overview

There are various ways to migrate a workload to cloud platforms, but few can match Azure’s lift and shift scalability. Often also referred to as rehosting, it moves existing applications from on-premises services to cloud-based solutions.

But what are the alternatives? If you’re still unsure how it is different from similar solutions, the following section should give you a fair idea.

Lift and shift VS Platform-as-a-Service migration

PaaS Migration—also referred to as refactoring—is often a viable alternative to Azure lift and shift migration. While it is proven to be a reliable approach, simple rehosting still offers an edge.

  • PaaS Migration requires the complete rebuilding of existing application architecture to fit the cloud services.
  • Architectural changes replace old and proven components with newer ones, often a longer migration process.

With Azure lift and shift, enterprises never have to worry about delays owing to its simple, direct approach. Lift and shift requires no modification to the core architecture of existing applications and offers a smooth transition.

Lift and shift VS Software-as-a-Service migration

While SaaS migration is also touted as one of the best approaches to adopting cloud-based solutions, it rarely accommodates existing applications.

  • It involves complete rehauling of existing components with the SaaS-provided solutions, which has its challenges.
  • Data, access, and security management also requires tweaking to work with the SaaS guidelines.

SaaS migration can be effective, but Azure lift and shift rehosting can keep the existing security and operational features. The on-premises security and authentication features are rehosted on cloud platforms.

 Now that you have a fair idea of how Azure lift and shift repurposes trusted architectures compared to its alternatives, we can move ahead and check out its advantages in detail.

Benefits of adopting Azure lift and shift

1.     Fast and efficient

When you move your enterprise applications to cloud-based solutions, none can match the ease of migration in lift and shift. It is the fastest way of relieving on-premises services while staying true to their original architecture and features.

2.     Low cost

If you’re looking for pure migration of the existing application, none can match the cost-effectiveness of Azure lift and shift. Not requiring any coding or architectural overhaul, it helps to save money while rehosting.

3.     Low-risk approach

Lift and shift is simple and reduces the risks of mandatory tweaks to your trusted codes. It eliminates the need to spend long hours refactoring applications to meet mandated guidelines. It is beneficial for organizations that lack the necessary resources to perform the updates without compromising functionality and security.

4.     Nominal planning

Azure lift and shift requires near-zero updates to your codebase; it is widely chosen for its simplicity. It requires minimal on-premises resources and eliminates the need for long-term planning before the migration.

5.     Swift optimization

For growing and financially pinched enterprises, the cost of restructuring applications can be too high a burden. Azure lift and shift is an approach devised for extending the lifespan of the existing workload. It leaves the door open for advanced optimizations down the line.

If you are looking to optimize operations and costs by implementing cloud-based solutions, Azure lift and shift is a highly reliable option. Azure migration has become a premier option to retire on-premise services and is a permanent technology offering.

Why PreludeSys for Azure lift and shift migration?

PreludeSys is committed to providing quick, efficient, and reliable digital solutions to transform organizations and their operations. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with a proven track record of migrating 50+ organizations to Azure cloud. We have worked with organizations and institutions from a vast array of industries giving us the experience to address unique requirements. Our services include everything from consultation and analysis to delivery of tech and digital solutions along with around-the-clock support. Connect with PreludeSys to learn more about Azure lift and shift migration and other digital solutions.

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