Get Seamless Editing Experience with Azure Data Studio

16 October 2019

Azure Data Studio is the long-awaited answer to all the data specialists who have been seeking for a cross-platform editor to utilize it in any version of SQL server, no matter where the database engine resides. Azure Data Studio is a look-alike Visual Studio Code with the same graphical user interface, with the built-in charting of query result sets and customizable dashboards. The product can be implemented in on-premises and cloud data platforms on Windows, Mac, OS, and Linux, and all your test results in Azure Data Studio can be saved as Text, CSV, or JSON.

With that said, with Azure Data studio editing has become seamless than ever before, for instance, when you run SQL queries with the query editor, all you have to do is point and click. That’s not all, Azure Data Studio makes coding faster with IntelliSense, allows re-use of common code blocks with code snippets, provides control of software development life cycle with source control integration, offers execution of PowerShell or Bash commands with integrated terminal and more.

Brief Summary of Azure Data Studio’s Benefits
 Code Editor with IntelliSense                      

Code editor with IntelliSense offers a keyboard-focused SQL coding experience that makes your coding seamless than ever before. With built-in features that include multiple tab windows, a rich SQL editor, IntelliSense, keyword completion, code snippets, code navigation, and source control integration (Git), Azure Data Studio offers a one-of-a-kind experience. With the search widget in the Azure Data Studio, you can quickly find the database objects. From the search results, it provides a context menu for the repetitive tasks relevant to the preferred object. Also, you can now organize your most preferred database connections and browse database objects in a familiar object browsing experience.

Code Snippets

Snippets are templates that make it easy for data platform users to create databases and database objects. To quickly provide snippets, it offers built-in T-SQL snippets that can generate proper syntax within a short amount of time to create databases, tables, views, stored procedures, users, logins, roles, and more. User-defined code snippets can also be created. Also, with smart snippets, you can now swiftly create copies of your databases for development or testing purposes and to generate and execute CREATE and INSERT scripts. It also allows the user to develop tailor-made SQL code snippets.

Source Control Integration

Azure Data Studio supports Git for version or source control, which gives full power over the software development life cycle. The source code for Azure Data Studio is available on Git hub under a source code EULA that provides the rights to modify and use the software, but not to redistribute it or host it in a cloud service.

Integrated Terminal

An integrated terminal can be opened, initially starting at your workspace, so you no longer need to switch windows or change the state of an existing terminal to perform a quick command-line task. Moreover, with Azure Data Studio, you can create a myriad of terminals open to multiple locations and quickly navigate them effortlessly. Terminal instances can be included by selecting the plus icon on the top-right of the terminal panel or by triggering Ctrl + Shift + ’command. This creates an additional entry in the dropdown list, which can be used to switch between them.

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