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Optimize Your Azure Cloud performance with Microsoft Azure tools and guides

21 April 2020

With cloud migration having become more mandatory than a luxury, it is pertinent that you make the right choice of cloud platform. Moving to the leading cloud solution provider, Microsoft Azure Cloud, could be the best decision that you can make for transforming your business. By migrating to Azure cloud, organizations can choose from Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service or Software-as-a-Service based on their computing requirements. Azure helps to build, deploy, and manage applications/services via Microsoft managed data center network.

Investing in a cloud computing service is only the first step. You need to continuously monitor your resources to improve efficiency and to ensure productivity, security, and compliance. Cloud performance optimization can improve your application performance and help you run better on the cloud through improvements such as database tuning, application optimization, and storage optimization. There are numerous ways to get started with Azure cloud optimization.  For instance, you can align your organization on cloud adoption strategy or review workload architecture against the references available with Microsoft.

Azure Cloud Optimization Tools

Without the right approach, Azure cloud optimization could get more time-consuming and complicated. That is why Microsoft Azure has offered us tools and guides – Azure Advisor and Azure Architecture Center, which can help us in many ways to ensure that we are getting the most out of the investment by running workloads efficiently.

Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor is a free Azure service that can help you optimize your Azure cloud resources for high availability, security, performance, and cost. Azure Advisor scans the resource usage and configuration to provide more than 100 personalized recommendations to make your Azure cloud optimizations fast and easy. Azure Advisor is designed to quickly and easily optimize your Azure deployments, get personalized and actionable recommendations with step-by-step guidance and quick links.

Azure Architecture Center

Azure Architecture Center is a collection of free guides that helps in understanding the ever-growing organizational and architectural best practices to optimize your workloads while designing a new workload for the cloud or migrating an existing workload from on-premises to the cloud. In Azure Architecture Center, we can find application architecture guides, cloud adoption frameworks, and reference architectures for everything in Azure.

Well, as we said before, migrating to the Azure cloud is only the beginning of the great transformation journey. Azure cloud optimization is the key to harvesting the complete benefits and gains of a cloud instance and maximizing your ROI.

Cloud Optimization and PreludeSys

As a Digital Transformation expert in the Microsoft platform, PreludeSys has the right experience and expertise to guide you through your cloud migration and stabilize your cloud instances with the perfect cloud optimization and monitoring programs.  To learn more about our services, Talk to us!

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