Leverage Microsoft Power Apps to build custom, interactive, business-responsive applications quickly

Organizations spend too much time, money, and effort building custom apps. Every business needs tools to accommodate their daily business needs and automate manual processes. But there is a better way to achieve success.

At PreludeSys, Microsoft-certified Power Apps experts develop interactive, highly scalable, and easy-to-maintain business apps that require very low IT dependency. These simple, low-code, custom apps can serve your business needs quickly with rich business logic, automated workflows, and rapid development capability.

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PreludeSys being an early adopter, our Powerapps consultants & developers excel in delivering proven, highly workable solutions for your business. Whether you want to use PowerApps to customize an existing application or build a complex one, we can help you in your automation efforts through multi-layered Powerapps integration.

Custom Business Apps Development
  • Build mobile and web responsive apps
  • Launch apps instantly with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop facilities
App Designing, Modern UI and UX
  • Visualize what your custom apps would look like
  • Use pre-determined elements to build on your custom app logic
Canvas Apps, Azure Function, or Embedded Apps
  • Design user interfaces in formations & layouts of your choice
  • Enjoy scaling up easily with Azure based custom connectors
Integration into SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and other platforms
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources including G Suite, Oracle, Salesforce and social media channels using a library of pre-built or custom connectors
  • Bring all your data together for a single version of the truth
Common Data Management Services
  • Increase efficiency by transforming your manual front lines of the business processes
  • Empower everyone to build apps with advanced functionalities
  • Improve line-of-business employee productivity
BI capabilities and Analytics
  • Transform unrelated pieces of data into coherent, visually appealing insights
  • Sift through information across hundreds of sources and retain only the most relevant to your business context



Extensively researched and adapted all three forms of apps under PowerApps


Experienced various challenges and have successfully implemented Portal Apps

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