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Microservices is an architectural approach of developing a single application as a suite of many loosely coupled and independently deployable smaller services. This is a proven method that renders highly complex and large scale applications into more rapidly deployable parts. Partnering with a reliable cloud provider like PreludeSys, you can minimize management challenges and optimize operations cost with the on-demand, pay-per-use infrastructure model.

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Serverless Computing
Uncompromised scaling that optimizes costs

PreludeSys is well-versed in building the future of microservices – the serverless computing model where we allocate machine resources on demand. Serverless Computing enables you to pay only for the computing resources you utilize. We take care of the servers on your behalf and manage capacity planning, configuration, maintenance, fault tolerance, scaling of containers, VMs and physical servers.


Serverless execution model is cost-effective than

As cloud-native systems scale up or down, developers

The Function-as-a-service or the serverless model make the code as simple event-driven functions. The serverless model eliminates multi- threading or handling HTTP requests in the code and simplifies the task of back-end software development.

Portable computing that eases enterprise evolution

PreludeSys is highly equipped to package and execute applications, related configuration files, libraries and all its dependencies in containers that can consistently and uniformly run on any infrastructure. We build containers or software packages that are portable and run across any platform, free of issues. This can help you further your future application development as well as retire applications when vendor compatibility fails and host it somewhere else.


As containers are smaller than VMs, they require

Container model follows ‘write once, run anywhere’

Containerizing monolithic applications using microservices gives the flexibility to work in virtual infrastructures, enables faster app start up, and easier scaling thus allowing development teams to create functionality with its own lifecycle.

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