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How to choose the best Legacy App Modernization Service Provider?

18 November 2020

In today’s digital era, having an outdated legacy application is the greatest threat to business progress. As you step into new technology transitions, it is crucial for your business applications to attune to the evolving technology changes and stay ahead of the curve. Enterprises today have discerned the need for legacy modernization and the positive impact it can reflect on their business model. Consequently, several enterprises have already begun their legacy app modernization journey to improve their operational model and business agility. It’s great to see the digital change happening faster, but the big question here is – the success rate of their modernization projects?

The 2020 Mainframe Modernization Business Barometer Report reveals that nearly 74% of the organizations fail to complete legacy system modernization projects. The pivotal reason for this is that several enterprises quickly jump into legacy app modernization journeys without a clear roadmap. Enterprises today fail to have a clear understanding of the big picture, which eventually leads to a lot of pitfalls in their modernization journey. Therefore, it is critical that you choose the right-fit app modernization service provider for your app modernization requirements.

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This blog will brief you about the significant factors that need to be considered before choosing your app modernization service provider.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the important factors that’ll help you decide.

Significant Factors to be Considered Before Choosing your App Modernization Service Provider


In the case of legacy app modernization services, one significant factor that you shouldn’t compromise on is the technical skillset. While you choose your app modernization service provider, ensure that they have a dedicated team of modernization experts who are not just technically sound but will also be able to improve your business capabilities with innovative and customized solutions. It’s also important to evaluate their technology focus areas, workflow models, and operations scalability to ensure they are the right fit for your business.


Today, several enterprises consider that their modernization partner’s organizational footprint has nothing to do with their legacy app modernization journey – which isn’t true. There are plenty of digital transformation companies in today’s digital era, which makes it tough to pick one from the lot. Hence it is crucial that you have a holistic understanding of your service partner’s organizational structure, capability landscape, infrastructure, strategies, and engagement models. It is also believed that all these factors collectively contribute to the success of an organization. Therefore, it is vital to evaluate your service provider’s organizational footprint upfront to have a better understanding of their business model.


Would you want your legacy app modernization project to fall into the hands of an inexperienced service provider? One of the critical factors to consider while choosing your app modernization service provider is their experience in handling similar legacy projects. It is essential to evaluate your service provider’s track record of successful legacy migrations to ensure that you are on the right path. As you know, legacy app modernization is an intricate process, and it certainly demands a level of expertise and experience for a successful modernization. Hence, it would apparently be an uphill task for a service provider who has just stepped into app modernization services and doesn’t have the requisite experience.

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The success of a legacy modernization project significantly lies in its process execution. Ensure that your app modernization service provider has a well-defined plan for the entire modernization project. This plan should entail the key components like the guidelines and procedures for class development, change management, support, and risk management. Your service partner should also elucidate your roles and responsibilities in the project to have a clear view of your contributions. Be it the periodic demos or milestone approvals, your service partner must adhere to a transparent operational model for better collaboration. You should also be completely aware of the processes, project plans, resources involved, project timeline, and costs.


It is essential that your service partner’s thoughts, priorities, processes, and working model should align with your business goals. From the word go, both the enterprise and the app modernization service provider should have a common goal moving forward in your modernization journey. A better understanding of your modernization objective, requirements, and operational model will help your service partner determine the best modernization strategies. It is also important to discuss your legacy pain points and challenges with your app modernization service provider to minimize the modernization risks.


The legacy app modernization process involves several layers of execution; hence you must always be prepared for the modernization journey’s hold-ups. Sometimes, you may be forced to tweak the modernization plan or strategy to overcome the unanticipated bottlenecks. Therefore, it is necessary that your service partner has to adapt to the changes quickly without hindering the other operations. They also need to have a solid change management plan to minimize the impact of your modernization journey changes.


Quality and customer satisfaction are two important parameters that need to be considered while choosing your app modernization service provider. Quality will obviously be one of the prime factors in determining a successful legacy modernization. Therefore, an ideal service partner should define a set of procedures and guidelines to ensure the quality of their output. Periodical quality reviews and feedback sessions will ensure a hassle-free legacy modernization journey.

Customer satisfaction, unlike other factors, is something that can help you decide from a real-world perspective. Your modernization partner’s case studies will aid you to understand their approach to legacy modernization. This analysis will also give you a clear picture of how good is your modernization partner when it comes to customizing solutions for diverse legacy requirements. Another significant factor to be considered here is your modernization partner’s customer support and maintenance services.


Many enterprises today fail in their legacy modernization journey by choosing service partners who promise low-cost modernization services. The low-cost modernization services might interest you in the initial stages, but eventually, you’ll be let down by their poor quality of services. Enterprises today fail to understand that cost is a crucial aspect of the legacy modernization process. It doesn’t work like – greater the quality, higher the costs. There are a good number of service partners who offer quality modernization services at affordable costs. It is also necessary that your modernization partner has a transparent costing model to reduce overhead costs and improve profitability.


We hope you would now be aware of all the significant factors that need to be considered while choosing your app modernization service provider. Each factor has something to contribute to the success of your modernization journey. Hence, we suggest you have a clear analysis of your modernization partner before you start. It’s not about looking for the best legacy app modernization service provider; it’s about choosing a service partner who could improve your business capabilities and provide a competitive edge.

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