App Modernization – why should you modernize your legacy applications?

2 June 2020


Organizations across the globe are scrambling towards the cloud bandwagon in order to sustain in a digitally transforming environment. With a prediction for nearly 83% enterprise workloads to be shifted to the cloud by 2020, application modernization is a highly discussed topic across boardrooms. App Modernization is basically a process, which can create new business value by updating your aging, old applications with new features. However, some organizations still resist the change since the entire enterprise is built and woven around these legacy apps. But, in reality, there is nothing to worry about. During app modernization, we change the technology within the app, but the data and nature of the app will be retained so there is no impact on the business output. In this blog, we will try to unravel the app modernization process and why it is essential for businesses to move forward.

Why do you need app modernization?

Though there may be numerous reasons why organizations need application modernization, we have listed down the 5 most important reasons why your enterprise needs app modernization.

  • Speed of Digitization: The first and foremost reason would be enabling your app to be digitally advanced to benefit from all the available features of advanced technology. Modernizing of application helps you respond to the market dynamics instantly and overall improve the performance and efficiency of the application by incorporating cloud, mobility, and AI.
  • New business Value: App modernization expands the scope of the business, allows you to analyze new environments, leads to new innovations, and to entirely new business opportunities as well. It can aid your revenue growth, reduce bottom-line cost, increase profit margin, and ROI.
  • Scalability: With legacy applications and aging infrastructure comes to the challenge of scalability and stability in an organization. Modernizing your legacy applications with the cloud is guaranteed to enhance your scalability, mobility, and accessibility.
  • Employee Engagement: When a staff perceives better user experience, it improves their engagement level, thus resulting in increased productivity, innovations in operations, a better quality of work, and improved efficiency.
  • Customer Experience: Similar to employee experience, taking care of your customer experience is essential. With a user-friendly interface, modernized applications not only improve employee engagement but also improve the customer experience by empowering new processes and services. This enhances customer satisfaction and leads to more revenue through cross-selling and up-selling, increased customer retention, and more customer referrals.

This list goes on and on…One of the key processes of Digital Transformation is modernizing your legacy apps. Assessing your legacy systems and finding out the best strategy that suits your requirement is critical and mandatory before implementing the app modernization process is essential for a seamless and successful modernization. With two decades of experience in modernizing legacy applications for our clients across various portfolios, PreludeSys brings can help you achieve success in your Digital Transformation journey. To learn more about our Digital Transformation offerings, Talk to Us!

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