Granular Data Analysis is the need of the hour

Every business generates reams of data, across days, months and years.  

Without proper labeling, this data comes to a dead end. 

With fine-tuned labeling, the raw data becomes a rich source of insight to empower machine learning models.  This has an immediate impact on how human sentiments are understood and processed, objects are identified, patterns are decoded and meaning is made from available information.  

With granular data analysis, your AI & ML models will become reflexive and actionable faster, across the board.

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General Text Annotation Unlock critical information from unstructured text

Text annotation helps categorize the data so that the machine can recognize the individual element in the given text. In certain applications, text annotation can also include tagging various sentiments in text, to teach the machine how to recognize human intent or emotion behind words. This is called sentiment annotation.

We provide text annotation and labelling services so that organizations can unlock critical information from their unstructured text. Our qualified team of human-centred experts play an active role in categorizing your business data according to specific human intent, emotion and behavioural nuances.

We’ve assisted several leading manufacturing, finance, and real estate clients, by spearheading text annotation projects of varied scales.

Medical Text Annotation Drive the future of medicine with intelligent data

Medical text annotation is a necessary exercise to build a highly advanced AI-enabled healthcare setup. At PreludeSys, our efforts are aimed to create a supportive data-driven environment for the medical community, which struggles with 80% unstructured data.

Our team of brilliantly trained medical text annotation experts, ensures the most complex medical data becomes understandable and extractable for rich insights. In the process, helping medical organizations achieve better patient care, improved drug administration and make quicker drug discoveries.

Medical Image Annotation Deep data insights for definitive disease detection

Medical image annotation helps capture data that would otherwise go unnoticed. This makes it crucial for the healthcare domain, which inevitably relies on deep machine learning & training.

At PreludeSys, we have a team of highly-skilled experts who use manual labeling on medical images and high-end image classification technology to help build your training models. This becomes instrumental in identifying complex diseases and preparing detailed reports post-analysis.

General Image Annotation Pixel perfect annotation to reimagine business data

Our expert team of curators annotates images manually and techniques like pixel-wise segmentation, polygons, image classification, 3D cuboids, semantic segmentation, amongst others.

At Preludesys, our human annotators ensure your AI setup achieves pixel-by-pixel annotation for optimal accuracy and perform on-demand annotation for projects with a short turnaround time



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