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Benefits of AI in the Education Industry | Azure AI Services

2 December 2020

Digital transformation has led to the evolution of diverse groundbreaking technologies and solutions that redefine our lives today. One such technology that has had a greater impact on our lives in recent years is Artificial Intelligence or AI. In this blog, let’s discuss how AI solutions are revamping the education industry.

Educational institutions across the globe are restructuring their end-to-end processes with the aid of the latest AI solutions. The old-school education system and traditional learning methods have been modernized with several AI implementations. The technical assistance offered by AI makes the entire learning process a hassle-free model for the students. The diverse AI-based solutions are also greatly beneficial to educators in formulating different learning strategies. These modernized learning strategies help the students understand the concepts better and quickly accomplish their learning objectives.

Artificial Intelligence is currently transforming the education industry by introducing convenient and personalized learning methodologies. The AI-based interactive learning modules have overcome the shortcomings in traditional learning methods. Furthermore, AI paves the way for setting up an adaptive and dynamic curriculum that will help educators save a lot of their time.

Hence, several institutions today firmly believe that AI solutions are capable of bringing a positive change in higher education. Let’s dive deep into the benefits of AI in the education industry.

Let’s discuss the six major applications of AI in the education sector…

How AI helps in Personalized Learning?

One of the pivotal reasons educational institutions rely on AI solutions is their ability to offer a personalized learning experience. In traditional learning methods, educators found it difficult to offer individual care to each student. But, with the evolution of AI solutions, students can now enjoy a personalized learning experience. Personalized content and presentation are something that every student would wish for. The preferences and learning styles vary with each student. Hence, each student must be offered a unique content-based learning roadmap based on their preferences, objectives, and past performances. This can only be achieved with the aid of the latest AI-based solutions that will lead to the individual learner journey concept. The personalized learner journey also encompasses skill gap analysis, individual content scheduling, and delivery & targeted recommendations. Thanks to the AI-powered apps and smart tutoring systems that ensure a personalized learning experience.

AI-based Accurate Assessments

Assessments were a part of the educational model even in the conventional learning methods. But what makes the AI-based assessments stand out from the traditional method is their ability to constantly deliver accurate feedback. The AI-based assessments have no room for errors; furthermore, it allows them to better understand the concepts. These assessments entail diverse tasks with various complexities and learning objectives aligned with the learner’s journey. This helps the educators evaluate the students’ knowledge and understanding over a prolonged period of time, and not just for a particular task. The AI assessment solutions are also equally beneficial for educators when it comes to the grading process. The latest AI solutions facilitate an automated grading process, which results in quick and accurate assessments.

Introduction to Smart Content

Today, educational institutions go hand in hand with the latest technological advancements in AI to restructure the learning model. A pivotal component of this change is smart content, which transforms the conventional learning process into an interactive one. It’s obvious that technology has now become an integral part of the classroom setting. Hence, educational institutions need to opt for innovative content delivery methods to enhance students’ learning experience. The smart content concept has accelerated the implementation of digitized & virtual content. Textbooks are currently getting replaced with video lectures and digital books to offer a convenient learning experience. The introduction of several new learning interfaces has also greatly benefited the smart content solution.

AI’s role in Global Learning?

The concept of global classrooms wouldn’t have been a reality without Artificial Intelligence. AI offers diverse tools to construct a global classroom that provides opportunities to students across the globe; to acquire knowledge via common learning platforms. Thus, AI solutions have driven educational institutions to offer quality education beyond the classrooms through interactive learning. This global learning platform is available to all those who wish to seek knowledge; it also provides equal learning opportunities for those who speak different languages or have hearing or visual impairments.

AI-led Administrative Tasks

Automated administration is a significant change induced by the latest AI solutions in the education sector. Besides the students and educators, administrative staff plays an important role in offering a comfortable learning environment. Some of the important admin tasks like registration process, attendance management, email notifications, activity remainders have now been automated to minimize human errors and save a lot of administration time. This automation process has also reduced the paperwork burden as most of the records are now digitized and easily retrievable. Today, several institutions believe that the automated administration process has certainly had a positive impact on their operational efficiency.

Importance of AI Chatbots

The AI-based chatbots are now becoming increasingly popular amongst the students in higher education. The students see these chatbots as intelligent personal assistants that could help them in their learning journey. The latest advancements in AI has led to the massive growth of AI-powered assistants that have now become the new face of interactive learning. Educational institutions consider AI chatbots as an important medium of learning. The automated and interactive tutoring system offers a dedicated and unique learning environment for the students. The introduction of chatbots has certainly improved student engagement; they feel that their learning process is a bit more simplified with chatbots’ introduction. Some of the significant benefits of AI chatbots are:

AI in Education sector

In addition to the above, there are a lot more significant benefits offered by AI chatbots. These intelligent chatbots will transform the educational model and provide a whole new learning experience for the students.

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The adoption of AI in the education industry has led to a remarkable transformation in the educational model. As AI solutions continue to evolve, several educational institutions consider this groundbreaking technology as the key to innovation. Apart from the significant benefits listed above, AI implementations play a vital role in several other processes. A few of those include:

  • Lesson planning and preparation
  • Better student-educator interaction
  • Assistance in curriculum creation
  • Student affairs
  • Learning enhancement
  • Content analysis

Is AI becoming the new game-changer?

It’s evident that the education sector is currently banking on the latest advancements in AI to restructure the educational model and offer a personalized learning experience. The wide array of AI solutions will certainly offer a new dimension to the education industry. Hence, we believe this is the right time for the educational institutions to step in and accelerate their AI implementations. Our deep-rooted experience in Azure AI services will certainly help institutions to build intelligent azure chatbots that will offer the students a new learning experience.

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