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Significant ways in which AI is bringing a change to the Business Operations

26 May 2020

Operations management is a vital task for any organization. Being an operations professional requires you to wear multiple hats and ensure the effectiveness of various processes from the start to end in an organization. Some of the significant critical concerns for any operations professionals irrespective of which industry or size the company is, finding the right talent, increase in production output, process improvement, better communication between departments, and enhance customer satisfaction. These concerns not only keep you busy in the organization but, most of the time, sleepless. What if I tell you there is one solution that can change your entire business operations and your sleepless nights? Yes, you can bring a change to your business operations with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Are you an operations professional or an organization that struggles with operations management? This blog is a little helping hand for you to know the impact on AI in operations and help you decide how you can use AI to transform your business operation. Here are the four ways in which AI is transforming business operations around the globe.

Top 4 Changes because of AI in Operations

1. Identifying the right talent

Recruiting and keeping the right talent for business is not easy. More than 40% of the organizations accept that the interview and assessment for their employee should be improved. Selecting the right talent for your business is the first step for running the business process successfully. AI in Operations is helping many organizations in transforming the way they hire. With AI tools in the recruitment process, you can quickly scan through massive volumes of resumes, review job descriptions, and assess candidates accurately. It can also help you uncover biases in recruitment as well.

2. Enhance employee retention

After finding the right talent, you need to keep an eye on enhancing your employee retention by providing better employee engagement. You need to provide a better environment for your employee to ensure a smooth business process. Artificial Intelligence tools, with its various features such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, and many more, can reduce the burden of repetitive routine tasks from your employees. Reducing their burden motivates them to focus on other primary tasks and complete them with ease. AI tools can provide insights of an individual or team performance to an operations manager, help the manager to monitor the interactions, figure out the requirements for employees, and help skills improvement, help managers to structure a team to function effectively.

3. Better product development

The evolution of AI in Operations does not only confine to finding the right talent, providing better employee engagement for a better business process; it can also support your organization in better product development. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, you will be able to get endless insights from data to identify or explore new/ better opportunities for your business. The AI tools in Operations do not only help you explore new opportunities but also provides you real-time insights and reports on any product performance in the market. By which, you will be able to understand the market accurately, the customers’ requirement, the necessary improvements/ modifications to deliver unique products or services.

4. Boost customer experience

One of the vital functions for any business is providing your customers with a better experience. Researches have pointed out that sooner customer experience will take over price and product as a brand differentiator. Artificial Intelligence tools can help you provide a better experience to your customers by providing instant responses to customer queries. The capabilities of AI can quickly identify the issues faced by customers and the appropriate solution to the issue. The Artificial Intelligence tools can help your customer research, sales, and market forecasting, analyses your brand, identify the customer trends, monitor social channels, risk management, and providing better product/service.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Future

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world; by leveraging this Artificial Intelligence, you can change your business operations too. With the vast capabilities of AI, you can gain a deeper understanding of the market, recruit the right talent, understand their employees, and transform the business operations effectively. Talking about AI tools, when there are many AI giants in the market, Microsoft Azure can be the best solution because only Azure can provide the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

By leveraging Microsoft Azure’s entire suite of AI stack that includes Azure Bot Services, Azure ML Studio, Azure Workbench, and Azure Cognitive Services, we have enabled AI for our customers. To learn more about our Digital Transformation offerings, Talk to Us! 

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