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Transform How You Sell With the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

28 April 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no more a far-fetched concept. AI is everywhere, starting from home to schools to hospitals and businesses. It has been transforming many business processes in which sales are not an exception. Sales were once a human-to-human activity, but now with the evolution of technology, sales are moving from human to machine. AI tools can fuel your sales efforts and power your sales teams to close more business with clear visibility on their effort. The capabilities of AI in transforming any business processes is enormous. However, to know how AI can have an effect on our sales process and why we need AI for sales, let us look at what AI could do to enhance our sales efforts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Sales

AI can help you to sell more with less work 

AI can reduce the workload on your sales team and allow them to focus on important work. With its valuable assistance, AI can help your salespeople reduce workload by automating the frequently repeated tasks. By streamlining manual, tedious, and time-consuming tasks in your sales process, Ai can enable you to efficiently focus on key tasks to improve sales with very less work ultimately.

Save time and money by having AI for your sales process

With the capabilities of AI, we can save more time and money by automating the sales pipeline. Automating the repetitive frequent low-level tasks, reduce not only the workload but also eliminate the need for more salespeople and other resources. By automating, with fewer salespeople and lesser efforts, you can efficiently increase productivity more than expected growth. This helps in building a cost-effective sales plan. AI can help you reduce the money spent on your selling efforts and also effectively utilize time.

Get more leads with lesser time

With more than thousands of companies moving to AI-based sales, most of the companies have improved leads by 50% in a very short span, according to surveys. By adopting AI, you can enhance the process of connecting with leads, qualifying those leads, following up with the potential leads, and closing the deal. AI-enables salespeople spend 40% more time in building a better relationship with the prospects.

AI helps you to provide better customer experience with less human interaction

Business experts say that by the end of 2020, almost 80% of the customer in the world would manage without or with less human interaction. People are more tech-savvy and prefer talking to a chatbot rather than to a human. It is more convenient, quick, and easy to get inputs. In this tech world, people prefer automation and online transactions, and you not having AI in your business can have the risk of getting knocked out by your competitors.

Leverage data to design better strategies

Viewing, measuring, and analyzing your entire data is key for a successful sales process. With AI-powered platforms, salespeople get more insights into their sales process to derive meaningful analytics that support their sales strategies. AI-enabled platforms implemented in your sales process can help you to have clear visibility on your entire sales data, get meaningful insights quickly, and analyses them to plan for further sales strategies efficiently.

How could Microsoft AI services be the best solution for you?

Microsoft Azure AI services are the best solution available if you are looking out or considering AI to enhance your sales. At the same time, when there are other AI giants available only Microsoft Azure can empower you with the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Microsoft Azure can assure that Artificial intelligence is made real for your business with decades of breakthrough research, Microsoft AI technologies, comprehensive compliance, and security offerings.

PreludeSys has enabled AI for our customers by leveraging Microsoft Azure’s entire suite of AI stack that includes Azure Bot Services, Azure ML Studio, Azure Workbench, and Azure Cognitive Services. To learn more about our Digital Transformation offerings, Talk to Us! We specialize in planning and executing the Digital Transformation strategy of our clients, and AI plays a big part in our DX portfolio.

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