Transform Your Data into Actionable Intelligence with Advanced Analytics

With the exponential growth of digital data, organizations need an analytics solution that helps users gain rapid insights into operations, markets, and industry trends and solve business problems more efficiently. Azure Synapse Analytics and visualization services can monitor key performance indicators in real time to exploit metrics that drive more opportunities and success.

PreludeSys’s Microsoft-based advanced analytics and visualization solutions enable business stakeholders to uncover insights buried in data, draw informed conclusions, and position their businesses based on scaling industry trends.

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Advanced analytics and visualization services

Data augmentation

Collect, integrate, transform, consolidate, prepare, and tune the performance of various data structures using Azure services.

Azure Data Platform

Build a single source of truth for all structured and unstructured data, driving BI, reporting, and real-time analytics.

AI and ML capabilities

Leverage Azure Databricks’ unified analytics platform to accelerate innovation by bringing data and AI together to prepare data, train models, and deploy them into production.

Limitless Analytics

Implement Azure Synapse Analytics to leverage limitless capabilities such as intelligent workload management, serverless data lake exploration, fast exploration of log and telemetry data.

Self-service analytics tool

Implement an easy-to-use, highly secure, singular tool—Power BI—to find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of visualizations and built-in AI capabilities.

Benefits to customers

  • Ability to withstand complex market dynamics
  • Information-driven, equitable decision-making
  • Prescriptive guidance and predictive models
  • Granular level future and outcomes forecast