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Accelerate your DX Journey with Legacy Application Modernization

28 May 2021

Be Future-Ready with Digital Transformation

“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt will fail.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

In today’s business landscape, enterprises must be watchful of the latest technology transitions that are redefining operational models and business workflows. More than just technology adoption and business automation, digital transformation offers enterprises a competitive edge. Considering the evolving customer expectations and the need for modernized business solutions, enterprises can’t imagine a road ahead without digital transformation solutions.

Digital transformation has become the need of the hour!

The Need for Legacy Application Modernization

Business operations are no longer the traditional way; legacy application modernization has undoubtedly changed the operational dimensions. As technology transitions are happening at a breakneck speed, enterprises are quickly transforming to be digitally equipped. Thanks to the legacy application modernization solutions for helping enterprises scale up their business in a quick time. Besides, it has also helped companies take the plunge into digital transformation.

Legacy application modernization is the first step to digital transformation

A lot of businesses today find it challenging to manage their age-old legacy applications. The outdated operational models don’t seem to fit in well with the latest technology requirements. Businesses are constantly evolving with time; the changing market structure and customer requirements have driven enterprises to adapt to the latest technology changes and stay ahead in the race. Having an obsolete legacy system for your day-to-day business operations could be the biggest threat in today’s digital world. It’s time for a change! Revamp your legacy systems to evade the technology pitfalls and to ensure business continuity.

Legacy application modernization isn’t just about technology refreshment; it offers a new lease of life for your business operations. 

Are you still operating with a legacy application? Here are a few potential risk factors that need to be evaluated.

  • Outdated legacy infrastructure
  • High support and maintenance costs
  • Poor performance
  • Security risks
  • Inflexible workflow
  • Data inconsistency
  • Compatibility issues
  • Substandard user experience

It’s essential for businesses today to ensure that the outdated technology infrastructure shouldn’t hinder business growth. The sooner you revamp your legacy applications, the better you adapt to the technology changes. Despite a lot of technology transitions and digital transformation drives happening today, a large number of enterprises are still reluctant to revamp their legacy applications. Considering the endless benefits of legacy application modernization, experts suggest that app modernization is the first and most critical step in your digital transformation journey; besides revamping the technology infrastructure, modernization aids in structuring your business operations and offers scope for innovation.

The Benefits of Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy application modernization offers enterprises plentiful benefits that help them stay ahead in the market.

1. Cost Benefits

The cost of maintaining an outdated legacy application is one of the most significant challenges faced by enterprises today. Legacy application modernization helps

  • Reduce operational and infrastructure costs
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Minimize support and maintenance costs
  • Eliminate hardware dependency
  • License (WIP)

2. Application Flexibility

As new technology solutions continue to pop up every day, your legacy application must adapt to modern technology changes. Legacy app modernization

  • Limits operational disruptions and security threats
  • Promises better performance

3. Custom Functionalities

Legacy application modernization allows you to incorporate custom features into the current application and automate business operations. Integration optimizes your application to communicate and process information with third-party applications.

4. Cloud Migration

Migrating your modernized legacy applications to the cloud help leverage a wide array of cloud computing solutions that can scale up your business. Besides, you can

  • Improve performance and accessibility
  • Have complete control over your business operations

5. Improve Customer Experience

Customers get annoyed at the outdated legacy applications that require a lot of time to process a piece of simple information. Constant operational glitches and data security risks further add to the misery of the users. Legacy application modernization helps businesses to

  • Work seamlessly across devices
  • Improve application speed and agility
  • Enhance operational model (wip)

Legacy Application Modernization Catalyzes your Business Growth

As an integral part of today’s business landscape, legacy application modernization helps businesses take their giant leap into digital transformation. Businesses that run on legacy applications are feeling the heat with frequent operational disruptions and security threats. So, there isn’t much time to think; legacy application modernization has become the need of the hour. 

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