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5 Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is Crucial to Your Business Success

7 May 2021

Digital transformation is changing how businesses are done, allowing them to adopt many new technologies that can boost productivity and improve operational efficiency and streamline processes. That eventually saves a huge business time by

  • Empowering business leaders to do what they should be doing
  • Relieving employees from doing repetitive tasks and focus on high-quality work

Enterprises have started looking at digital transformation as a key to unlock new business opportunities. Recent SAP Center for Business Insights and Oxford Economics research results states that

  • 80% of organizations that completed digital transformation report increased profits
  • 85% of organizations have increased their market share
  • On average, business leaders expect 23% higher revenue growth than competitors

That said, let’s go through the business benefits of digital transformation to witness its true potential.

Top 5 Business Benefits of Digital Transformation

Beyond the endless benefits of digital transformation, I’ve lined up a few key business areas where digitization has proved its prominence and success.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Enterprises can serve their customers better by revamping the underlying operational model and engagement methods. For example, leveraging Azure AI chatbot to address customer queries can boost the CSAT score by 61% because the bot can

  • understand the intent of customer’s queries
  • predict customer behaviors and
  • converse in a more natural language

Improved Efficiency

Digital transformation certainly helps in improving the efficiency of business operations. The DX journey could save businesses that are stuck with outdated legacy systems and infrastructure. By automating business operations and resolving the technology bottlenecks, digital adoption offers greater flexibility and efficiency to enterprise applications.

Assured Business Continuity

Business continuity is often mistaken for disaster recovery. Still, businesses have to prepare for the other unknown with a well-thought-out strategy that keeps a business in line with continuous, ongoing change. For instance, the Azure cloud services saved hundreds of companies allowing them to store, access securely, and transfer data without any delays during the COVID-19 climate.

Enhanced Profitability

Migrating enterprise applications from on-premise to the cloud server eliminates the need for in-house architecture. Plus, integrating all the stand alone systems saves a huge amount of operational and infrastructural costs. Besides, leveraging Power BI like intelligent analytics and BI software (that comes packed with the Microsoft suite) can give a 360-degree view of what’s happening across the organization and empower you to make quick decisions on the go.

Improved Business Agility

Recent research states that 65% of businesses will aggressively replace their legacy systems with a more agile, scalable platform that compliments the ever-changing technology stack and customer requirements. Digital transformation is seeing the light of day in all industries focusing on customer-centric innovation while future-proofing their IT investments.

Digital Success is your way!

If you have been thinking about digital transformation for so long & haven’t yet unraveled its diverse possibilities, then this is the right time. Say “yes” to futuristic technologies and reconstruct your business model to ensure seamless operations just like your peers.

Redefine your business journey with our wide array of digital transformation services. We are a Microsoft Partner with more than two decades of experience in offering innovative solutions by leveraging cloud, mobility, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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