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10 Best Conversational AI Bot Platforms

28 October 2021

If new technologies excite that knowledge bug inside you, conversational AI chatbot should feel like an exciting topic. The world is moving towards human-like automation to deliver real solutions without the need for human intervention. For companies, small or big,

  • Visitor Engagement
  • Customer Support

are two huge aspects of the growth of the business. The better a company serves its customers; the higher is the chances of brand loyalty.

What is Conversational AI Chatbot?

Conversational AI-powered chatbots are messaging or virtual assistant applications that automate business communications. It is built to eliminate delays or lags in customer-brand engagement with modern machine learning technology.

If you own a business and looking to optimize client and visitor interactions, chatbots are a great approach as it frees up time for agents to focus on productive tasks. Chatbots can also be used by sales and marketing teams to engage with early-stage prospects and qualify new leads. They can be deployed on website landing pages, mobile applications, or social media platforms like Facebook, Alexa, etc., to enable seamless communication. Chatbots are highly customizable and can gather lots of essential data to take your venture to the next level.

Conversational AI Chatbot
Conversational AI Chatbot Features

So, let’s quickly glance through the 10 best conversational AI chatbots that you can deploy today for optimizing business communication.

1. ManyChat

Developed for Facebook Messenger integration, ManyChat is designed to help e-commerce platforms to provide real-time customer support. This conversational AI chatbot makes it easier for growing businesses to market their products and service; a conversational AI chatbot is making lead generation and campaign optimization easier.

Suppose you’re looking to launch an online shopping platform of your own or a food delivery service; ManyChat can be a perfect conversational AI chatbot to stay connected with customers.

What makes ManyChat so good?

  • Tailored content strategy for customer interaction.
  • Ability to schedule appointments, sell products through chat, and source customer contacts with minimum effort.
  • Availability of templates and drag-drop interface for custom bot programming.
  • Compatibility with multiple web apps: MailChimp, Google Sheets, Zapier, HubSpot, and more.

2. KAI

If you’re looking for a conversational AI chatbot for business, few can match up to KAI. Developed by Kasisto, it is a specially designed chatbot to meet the demands of the banking and financial sectors. The chatbot is made to answer customer queries and provide solutions in real-time.

KAI conversational AI chatbot also makes integration easier as it eliminates the need for bot training. Moreover, as it is made explicitly for the finance sector, it comes preloaded with essential industry-specific knowledge.

Benefits of KAI

  • Offers different business solutions – Consumer Banking, Business Banking, Investment Banking, etc.
  • Natural conversational style replies.
  • Do not only answer queries but also follows up on questions.
  • Self-learning conversational AI platform.

3. MindMeld

MindMeld is one of the fastest-rising AI-powered chatbots with natural language processing capability. It is designed to function both as a speaking bot and text bots. One of the most significant advantages of the MindMeld conversational AI chatbot is that its use case is not limited to any specific industry. Instead, it is smart enough to be deployed to address issues in various industries for different purposes.

Advantages of MindMeld

  • The open-source platform makes integration and customization super easy.
  • NLP-enabled (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) making conversations more human-like.
  • Deep learning conversational AI Chatbot.
  • Completely Free-To-Use.
  • Offers high-quality flexibility in bot training.
  • Programmable to company-specific conversations’ patterns.

4. Mindsay

Mindsay is not just another chatbot conversation with artificial intelligence, but one made to increase revenue generation. It looks to engage existing and potential customers with service or product-specific data moving away from generic FAQ-style responses. The conversational AI chatbot is also intelligent enough to judge its limitations. For example, if a conversational AI chatbot understands that it cannot address any specific query with the programmed knowledgebase, it automatically transfers the conversation to a trained professional.

Positives of Choosing Mindsay

  • Supports more than 100 languages from around the world.
  • Enterprise-Level solutions.
  • Use case chatbots – Customer support and Sales support.
  • No high-end technical knowledge required for integration.
  • Cross-Industry use cases.

5. Passage AI

Passage AI is a conversational AI chatbot that helps develop deep and human-like everyday patterns. Using advanced AI techniques like Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural language processing (NLP), the platform is easy to customize for industry-specific solutions. Being an end-to-end chatbot builder, it can offer a response accuracy of more than 95%.  Moreover, the conversational AI chatbot architecture supports both – mobile apps and websites.

Passage AI chatbot architecture comes with cross-platform compatibility; it can also be integrated with different instant messengers. This conversational AI chatbot supports instant messengers like Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Kik.

Best Features of Passage AI

  • NLP support for 100+ languages.
  • Universal control for bot building, training, deployment, and analytics.
  • Real-time reports for analytics.
  • Drag and drop features.
  • Easy integration of import knowledgebase APIs.

6. Clinc

Clinc is regarded as one of the most powerful conversational AI chatbots currently available in the market. It does not only come with NLP capabilities but also ramps up its efficiency using Machine Learning. This combination of chatbot machine learning and NLP helps to address customer queries with greater efficiency. Moreover, it enables the bot to take references from past conversations to improve every customer engagement.

As per researches conducted at the University of Michigan, Clinc offers a 90%+ NLU accuracy rate. This, in turn, provides clients to makes things easier for companies deploying conversational AI chatbots to eliminate delays in real-time customer engagement.

Best Features of Clinc

  • No technical knowledge required for deployment.
  • NLP support for 80 languages.
  • Machine learning capabilities.
  • Cross-industry capability.

7. SAP Conversational AI

Developed by software giants SAP, it enables companies to deploy AI-powered chatbots for business. It offers a bot development platform equipped with NLP technology, meaning it can keep a conversation going with human-like responses. As a result, it promotes longer customer-company engagements, which help build better business relations. In addition, the conversational AI chatbot can be easily integrated into any existing SAP software and used with non-SAP products, as well.

Key Features – SAP Conversational AI

  • Natural language processing (NLP) enabled.
  • Offers an advanced analytics dashboard.
  • Speaking bot coupled with voice activation.
  • Free to use and open-source platform.

8. REVE Chat

REVE Chat is not a simple everyday conversational AI chatbot but comes packed with many different features. For example, it can communicate with customers using both video and text-based conversations. The chatbot also comes with cross-platform compatibility, which can help stay connected with customers who are on the go. Moreover, it can be integrated into instant messengers like Telegram, Viber, Messenger (Facebook), etc.

REVE Chat Best Features

  • Ability to connect with instant messaging apps on Android, iOS applications, and also websites.
  • Offer real-time, accurate solutions to existing customers and visitors.
  • Seamless collection of customer feedback.
  • Pro-sales conversation.
  • Offers tailored experience to every customer.

9. Chatfuel

No list of conversational AI chatbots can be complete without Chatfuel. It is a bot development platform that offers capabilities of developing bots with minimum technical knowledge. Then, program them with standard rules using the dashboard. The best feature of Chatfuel is that it keeps updating customer databases in real-time with every new and unique engagement. Being specifically developed to handle business support on Facebook, it has been adopted by leading global brands in many industries.

Best Features of Chatfuel

  • Flow-Orientated processing.
  • Guides customers or visitors through necessary funnels.
  • Powerful data sourcing techniques.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Made for Facebook.


Kore.AI is an AI-driven chatbot development platform designed specifically to address enterprise-level solutions. Anybody can use the tool to develop and create their own conversational AI chatbot to make engagement better. It is capable of handling everything from employee experience to offering customer support. It is also flexible enough to be deployed for a wide range of industries.

Best Features of

  • Support for more than 30 channels.
  • It runs on a multi-pronged NLP engine.
  • In-depth analytics.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Multi-domain trained use cases.

Deploy a business-specific chatbot with PreludeSys

So, if you’re looking to deploy a conversational AI chatbot to minimize delays for your business communications, we are always happy to help. Consult experts and design a tailored solution with a Microsoft Gold Partner – PreludeSys. We are committed to making enterprise solutions more accessible and cost-effective with our expert and unique ideas. Connect with us anytime to know more about our services.

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