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Cloud Enablement

To empower your business through cloud enablement is to transform the future of your business. PreludeSys offers efficient, scalable and on-demand cloud soultions that help businesses convert their biggest ideas into tangible sources of revenue & profit.


App Modernization

To leverage a highly volatile market situation In favor of your business, app modernization will remain the consistent answer. PreludeSys has supported hundreds of organizations make a dynamic shift – from legacy systems to agile applications that meet business demands instantly.


Enterprise Application Integration

The longevity and success of any organization depends on how well its functions and applications work together to create cohesive results. PreludeSys focuses on creating custom-built enterprise integration solutions that help business ecosystems align to face increasing challenges & complexities.


Artificial Intelligence

Whether it’s about hiring the right talent, automating everyday workflows or creating experiences that customers remember – PreludeSys features a team of AI experts and tools that make it possible for human resources & technology to manifest the most complex business outcomes TOGETHER!


Data and Analytics

Business expansion and increasing profits are outcomes of strategic decisions. PreludeSys enables organizations with data & analytics solutions that go deep into the history of existing data and funnel out actionable insights to empower future tactical decisions.


Business Process Services

Operational excellence is the beginning of business success. PreludeSys helps clients across the world outsource & leverage important operational functions, skills and resources to trigger more insightful decisions & faster growth.

Customer Testimonials

In our universe, our customers are the stars. To make them shine brighter is our job, because their success is our success. Our customers know that!

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About PreludeSys

About Us

PreludeSys is a global technology solutions provider founded in the year 1998. It has been certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in September 2021 & September 2022. As a brand PreludeSys is considered as a trusted technology partner serving more than 300+ Customers. As a solution provider, PreludeSys goes an extra mile in helping their clients enhance business value through digital transformation. As a company they believe in working with young and mature enterprises across the globe in a diverse set of verticals by leveraging their in-house technical expertise, technology partnership, industry experience, and global delivery model.

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